Polar Alca Maritime

Polar Pioneer in Drydock

Our vessel Polar Pioneer entered on the 9th of September into drydock in Riga.

The shipyard workers were hard at work from the get-go and not one hour after the gangway was in position, the anchor chain was lowered onto the dock for marking of shackles (every 27.5 meters) and to prepare for some steelwork to be carried out inside the chain locker,

Furthermore, the hull will be cleaned from barnacles before some thickness measurements of the keel will be conducted by the classification society reps.
Rudder- and propeller bearing tolerance allowances as well as sea chest valves to be inspected to meet our new classification society standards.

Work in drydock can be very busy with a lot of ongoing activities carried out at the same time. Along with the vessel crew onboard is Polar Alca Maritime’s managing director Staffan Strive accompanied by the superintendent from GoTa Ship Management to support the class reps on location.

Polar Pioneer is planned to leave the dock on the 15th of September after six days in drydock. She’ll be back alongside in Riga during the autumn and winter for continuous maintenance work before heading up north to Svalbard for the first polar expeditions in June 2022.